Agent Appointment Process & Comparing Agents

Whether selling your own home, an investment or individual properties within a development, it is critical to select the best possible real estate agent.

The initial few weeks on the market will capture the maximum audience and will often result in a sale if the price is correct and the marketing campaign has been well-conceived and executed. This process requires open and honest communication between the vendor and agent, but also realistic expectations. It is also important to spend appropriately on marketing.

Whilst this will depend on the dwelling, most successful sales will incorporate quality photos taken at optimal times, brochures and signboards, home presentation, Internet advertising and some component of print advertising.

The key with marketing is to ensure that every dollar is marketing your property and not the agent or their agency. Some agents attract buyers but their communication is poor, or their negotiation skills are inadequate to convert an interested party into a sale. This is why the selection of an agent is critical.
For many sales, days on market is often the killer, not only with holding costs but reduced sale price due to a ‘stale property’. Therefore it is important to not just make a decision based on the lowest commission or highest appraisal, which can be used as a tool by some agents simply to secure your listing.

Zybek Developments offers a service to provide an independent agent appointment process, whereby they select the best possible agent for any potential listing. This process involves an initial onsite meeting with the 3-4 shortlisted agents, followed by a written presentation outlining appraisals and commissions, evidence of sales that support the appraisal, a marketing plan and associated costs and a demonstration of local area knowledge, where all criteria are treated with importance.

Such a process will ensure an agent earns a listing and will provide you with the confidence in their ability to deliver the expected results.



When developing residential property there are 4 key things you need to understand to extract the highest profits:

  • Optimum build size
  • Available footprint
  • Target market & appropriate specification
  • The costs

This document serves as a guide to help you understand these four areas to help you increase your profits when developing residential property. Remember, an experienced project manager such as Zybek Developments can guide you through this process to help you increase your profits and save your time.