Ultimately a successful project is reliant on achieving good sales or rental yields.  This process becomes easier if the project has been well managed and the right product has been delivered; however it is still crucial to manage this aspect of the project. 

  • Property Investment Report - Preparation of a detailed report to be sent to an extensive network of local and interstate businesses including brokers, accountants, financial planners, real estate agents and buyer’s agents to attempt to generate early sales for the project and to reduce the overall risk.
  • Presentation Services - Facilitate all internal and external fitout to ensure that the dwellings are complete and ready for the agent, including home styling, landscaping, light and window fittings and non-builders clean.  Pricing for all works has been negotiated at an agreed discounted rate for Zybek projects.
  • Marketing Plan + Materials - Leverage from a detailed highly targeted marketing plan that has been tailored specifically to development projects and is exclusive to Zybek projects; including marketing materials and documents.
  • Agent Appointment - Leverage from an approved agent network who offer a premium service with respect to marketing, negotiation and achieving results; and whom have extensive experience with developments.   
  • Agent Commissions - Access to discounted fixed fee commissions (exclusive to Zybek projects) and an agreed tier structure that discounts developments with multiple sales.  For any properties that will be held, an agreed property management fixed fee all inclusive is typically provided.
  • Sales Management - Assist the agent throughout the sales and rental period; and assisting in key decisions affecting the project outcome.

For more information about our Sales Management service please contact us.

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