Whether you are constructing an owner occupied residence or development site, it is essential to obtain a full set of documentation independent of any builder; including working drawings, engineering and energy reports and schedule of materials. This will allow a tender process to be conducted with all builders quoting from exactly the same specification; to deliver the following benefits:

  • Fixed-price build contract
  • Quality custom designed home
  • Flexibility with selections
  • Better build timeframes
  • Higher resale due to unique appeal

Zybek can facilitate this process; and obtain the best possible fixed-price for the build.  Zybek ensures that the builders provide a quote based on exactly the same specification; and that the final contracts reference the provided documentation.

Builders are invited to tender a project based on the location and style of construction; with consideration also given to professionalism, quality, timeframes and pricing on previous projects.  A construction tender process includes:

  • Documentation Review - Review all supplied construction working drawings and technical documentation to ensure that there is sufficient detail to deliver a fixed price quote with minimal opportunities for variations.
  • Schedule of Materials - Preparation of a detailed Schedule of Materials outlining all inclusions required within a tender, the level of finishes anticipated for the dwellings, colour selections, cabinetry layouts and tiling elevations.  
  • Construction Tender Process - Review recent developments and detailed builder metrics (timeframes, costs, quality) to confirm which builders will be most competitive based on the construction methods, style of development, location, quality and size of development.  Utilise the full set of construction drawings and detailed Schedule of Materials to enable builders to provide a fixed price quote.  This process is usually best conducted with up to 4 builders.
  • Construction Quote Comparison - Cross reference each quote to ensure that they all include the same specification, that they do not include provisional sums.  Ensure that the quotes include all specifications and technical features as outlined within the technical documentation and that the contract from the acceptable builder includes all references to the supplied documentation.
  • Build Contract - Post tender, work with the client and builder to further negotiate the best possible price and inclusions; to remove any provisional cost items; and to discuss any outstanding questions or potential items that could lead to issues or variations throughout the construction phase of the project.

For more information about our Construction Quotes service please contact us.

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