A fundamental part of having a successful project, is the ability to obtain the necessary approvals for the project and knowing how to divide the land to maximise the use of the site.  Zybek's project management incorporates:

  • Concept Plans - Determine the optimum size and style of dwellings for the target market and ensure that the project is not over-capitalising; and present a detailed brief outlining expectations for the design including required features, construction methods, council research and development precedence.
  • Planning Drawings - Facilitate the most appropriate design that meets the key development principles; which will assist in avoiding unnecessary delays, rework and additional costs.  Ensure that the drawings provide the appropriate level of detail to facilitate a timely response from council and are a cost effective to build.
  • Planning Approval - Coordination of all activities required to obtain the planning approval, including follow-ups and discussions with planners, authorities and others; including facilitating any required supporting documentation and responses to any representations against the development.
  • Land Division Approval - Coordination of all activities required to obtain the necessary land division approval, including preparation of proposal plans, correspondence with LTO, DAC, conveyancers and other authorities; and facilitation of documentation to assist lenders in obtaining finance approvals.
  • Full Development Approval - Coordination of all activities required to obtain the full development approval, including facilitation of a full set of working drawings with engineering, soil reports, framing layouts, stormwater drainage layouts and energy efficiency reports.  Upon reviewing all documentation, ensure that all documentation is certified and provided with the necessary council consents.
  • Site Preparation - Coordination of all activities for site preparation including site clearance and demolition, tree removals, boundary works (retaining and fencing) and then working with broker, conveyancer and other professionals as required to ensure an appropriate transition to the selected builder.
  • Land Division and Titles - Coordination of all activities for the second stage of the land division, including boundary surveys and site pegging, obtaining the necessary clearances, lodgement of documentation and then conveyancing until approved deposited plans and ultimately the creation of separate titles.

For more information about our Approvals and Divisions service please contact us.

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