Zybek constantly reviews all sources to identify potential development projects for their local and interstate investors.

Potential sites are identified based on a client brief including preferred location, acquisition budget, expected profitability and project strategy i.e. holding or selling upon completion.

During this process, Zybek will provide the following services:

  • Site Identification - Identify suitable sites based on location, budget for acquisition, budget for project, expected profitability and project strategy i.e. holding upon completion or selling for immediate profits.  Zybek will find the premium sites, with many identified before they reach the general market.
  • Preliminary Research - Provide preliminary research into candidate sites and then provide  a detailed description of each site that meets the client criteria; including property references, expected resale, allotment zoning, estimated project profits, sales history analysis and development potential.  Zybek will continue to identify sites until a suitable property is located.
  • Negotiation - Upon a site being confirmed as being viable and profitable and subsequently accepted by the client, Zybek will offer support throughout the acquisition by determining the appropriate strategy for negotiation and then assisting to secure the property for the best possible price and terms.

For more information about our Site Acquisition service please contact us.

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