Property development is an increasingly popular way of generating revenue; however there are complex technical and legal issues to address and each site has its own unique set of risks and challenges. Zybek has built a team of trusted quality professionals that enable any project to be managed from inception to completion; and provides a personalised range of consulting and management services for all phases of developments, including:

Further information on each service is presented below; however for more information about our services please contact us.


Zybek constantly reviews all sources to identify potential development projects for their local and interstate investors.

Potential sites are identified based on a client brief including preferred location, acquisition budget, expected profitability and project strategy i.e. holding or selling upon completion.

During this process, Zybek will provide the following services:

  • Site Identification - Identify suitable sites based on location, budget for acquisition, budget for project, expected profitability and project strategy i.e. holding upon completion or selling for immediate profits.  Zybek will find the premium sites, with many identified before they reach the general market.
  • Preliminary Research - Provide preliminary research into candidate sites and then provide  a detailed description of each site that meets the client criteria; including property references, expected resale, allotment zoning, estimated project profits, sales history analysis and development potential.  Zybek will continue to identify sites until a suitable property is located.
  • Negotiation - Upon a site being confirmed as being viable and profitable and subsequently accepted by the client, Zybek will offer support throughout the acquisition by determining the appropriate strategy for negotiation and then assisting to secure the property for the best possible price and terms.

For more information about our Site Acquisition service please contact us.

Many people identify sites which appear to be suitable for development; however only 1 in 5 sites that Zybek reviews would be considered worthwhile. This is most often due to an unreasonable asking price; however other contributing factors are the location, policy area, site dimensions and infrastructure.

Once a potential site is identified, it is critical to undertake a comprehensive feasibility.  Within a feasibility, Zybek will provide:

  • Site Research - Research into the area development plan and then subsequent discussions with council regarding the key development considerations; such as (but not limited to) the allotment sizes and dimensions, possible building envelopes, setbacks, open space, site coverage, visitor parking, articulation, floor area ratios and vehicle access requirements.
  • Site Inspection - Site inspection to fully understand any unique site constraints, current and required infrastructure and any risks with the development.  An area inspection will confirm development precedence.
  • Footprint Analysis - Highlight the available site area for development based on the key design principles and then determine all possible options that may exist for the site.
  • Optimum Build Size Analysis - Confirm the optimum size dwellings to construct to achieve the maximum profits on the project.  The optimum build size analysis and footprint plan analysis will assist in identifying the most suitable forms of development for the site.
  • Target Market Analysis - Analysis of the target market, to understand the likely purchasers and or rental audience; the demographics, transport links and area attractions.
  • Project Cost Analysis - Determine all costs associated with the project (with full transparency into each cost expected) and summarise the costs for each phase of the project through acquisition, planning, pre-construction, land division, construction, post-construction and sale including expected holding costs.
  • Cash Flow Analysis - Highlight when each of the costs is expected to be incurred, the length of each phase of the project; and which costs are likely to be funded by banks or are likely to affect cash flow.  The peak debt and ROI will also be highlighted for each development option.
  • Sales History Analysis - Provide market research to identify comparable sales; and to justify the most likely projected value in the current market conditions.  This analysis helps to confirm the optimum build size to avoid over-capitalising.
  • Cost Hold Analysis - Provide detailed cost hold analysis into the benefit of holding at least one of the new dwellings; highlighting all expenses, expected rent, estimated depreciation benefits and tax benefits and the cost to hold the dwelling per week and per annum.

For more information about our Feasibility Analysis service please contact us.

Once a project has been confirmed as viable and profitable, it is fundamental to plan the project; outlining an appropriate schedule of work and identifying the best resources to use on the project.

This process requires knowledge of the complex processes involved and the dependencies between project activities.  In addition to the Approvals and Divisions and Construction quotes services incorporated into a typical project, Zybek's project management includes:

  • Notifications - Coordination with authorities, neighbours, councils and builders to ensure that correct notifications are provided throughout the project with respect to demolition, crossover permits, fencing notifications and document updates.
  • Construction Supervision - Regular site visits throughout construction to ensure that the quoted specification is being delivered to the level of quality anticipated and without unexpected costs.  Facilitate onsite meetings with builders and authorities to ensure that the necessary works are completed efficiently and that all parties are communicating consistently throughout the entire project.
  • Construction Inspections - Organisation of independent inspections throughout construction to confirm that the necessary quality is being provided during all phases of construction, that identified issues are resolved promptly and to confirm that progress claims only cover items that have been completed.
  • Change and Issue Management - Prevent unexpected costs or inferior products being introduced to the project by means of unnecessary scope creep, incorrect installations and or miscommunication between builders, suppliers and clients.

For more information about our Project Management service please contact us.

A fundamental part of having a successful project, is the ability to obtain the necessary approvals for the project and knowing how to divide the land to maximise the use of the site.  Zybek's project management incorporates:

  • Concept Plans - Determine the optimum size and style of dwellings for the target market and ensure that the project is not over-capitalising; and present a detailed brief outlining expectations for the design including required features, construction methods, council research and development precedence.
  • Planning Drawings - Facilitate the most appropriate design that meets the key development principles; which will assist in avoiding unnecessary delays, rework and additional costs.  Ensure that the drawings provide the appropriate level of detail to facilitate a timely response from council and are a cost effective to build.
  • Planning Approval - Coordination of all activities required to obtain the planning approval, including follow-ups and discussions with planners, authorities and others; including facilitating any required supporting documentation and responses to any representations against the development.
  • Land Division Approval - Coordination of all activities required to obtain the necessary land division approval, including preparation of proposal plans, correspondence with LTO, DAC, conveyancers and other authorities; and facilitation of documentation to assist lenders in obtaining finance approvals.
  • Full Development Approval - Coordination of all activities required to obtain the full development approval, including facilitation of a full set of working drawings with engineering, soil reports, framing layouts, stormwater drainage layouts and energy efficiency reports.  Upon reviewing all documentation, ensure that all documentation is certified and provided with the necessary council consents.
  • Site Preparation - Coordination of all activities for site preparation including site clearance and demolition, tree removals, boundary works (retaining and fencing) and then working with broker, conveyancer and other professionals as required to ensure an appropriate transition to the selected builder.
  • Land Division and Titles - Coordination of all activities for the second stage of the land division, including boundary surveys and site pegging, obtaining the necessary clearances, lodgement of documentation and then conveyancing until approved deposited plans and ultimately the creation of separate titles.

For more information about our Approvals and Divisions service please contact us.

Whether you are constructing an owner occupied residence or development site, it is essential to obtain a full set of documentation independent of any builder; including working drawings, engineering and energy reports and schedule of materials. This will allow a tender process to be conducted with all builders quoting from exactly the same specification; to deliver the following benefits:

  • Fixed-price build contract
  • Quality custom designed home
  • Flexibility with selections
  • Better build timeframes
  • Higher resale due to unique appeal

Zybek can facilitate this process; and obtain the best possible fixed-price for the build.  Zybek ensures that the builders provide a quote based on exactly the same specification; and that the final contracts reference the provided documentation.

Builders are invited to tender a project based on the location and style of construction; with consideration also given to professionalism, quality, timeframes and pricing on previous projects.  A construction tender process includes:

  • Documentation Review - Review all supplied construction working drawings and technical documentation to ensure that there is sufficient detail to deliver a fixed price quote with minimal opportunities for variations.
  • Schedule of Materials - Preparation of a detailed Schedule of Materials outlining all inclusions required within a tender, the level of finishes anticipated for the dwellings, colour selections, cabinetry layouts and tiling elevations.  
  • Construction Tender Process - Review recent developments and detailed builder metrics (timeframes, costs, quality) to confirm which builders will be most competitive based on the construction methods, style of development, location, quality and size of development.  Utilise the full set of construction drawings and detailed Schedule of Materials to enable builders to provide a fixed price quote.  This process is usually best conducted with up to 4 builders.
  • Construction Quote Comparison - Cross reference each quote to ensure that they all include the same specification, that they do not include provisional sums.  Ensure that the quotes include all specifications and technical features as outlined within the technical documentation and that the contract from the acceptable builder includes all references to the supplied documentation.
  • Build Contract - Post tender, work with the client and builder to further negotiate the best possible price and inclusions; to remove any provisional cost items; and to discuss any outstanding questions or potential items that could lead to issues or variations throughout the construction phase of the project.

For more information about our Construction Quotes service please contact us.

Ultimately a successful project is reliant on achieving good sales or rental yields.  This process becomes easier if the project has been well managed and the right product has been delivered; however it is still crucial to manage this aspect of the project. 

  • Property Investment Report - Preparation of a detailed report to be sent to an extensive network of local and interstate businesses including brokers, accountants, financial planners, real estate agents and buyer’s agents to attempt to generate early sales for the project and to reduce the overall risk.
  • Presentation Services - Facilitate all internal and external fitout to ensure that the dwellings are complete and ready for the agent, including home styling, landscaping, light and window fittings and non-builders clean.  Pricing for all works has been negotiated at an agreed discounted rate for Zybek projects.
  • Marketing Plan + Materials - Leverage from a detailed highly targeted marketing plan that has been tailored specifically to development projects and is exclusive to Zybek projects; including marketing materials and documents.
  • Agent Appointment - Leverage from an approved agent network who offer a premium service with respect to marketing, negotiation and achieving results; and whom have extensive experience with developments.   
  • Agent Commissions - Access to discounted fixed fee commissions (exclusive to Zybek projects) and an agreed tier structure that discounts developments with multiple sales.  For any properties that will be held, an agreed property management fixed fee all inclusive is typically provided.
  • Sales Management - Assist the agent throughout the sales and rental period; and assisting in key decisions affecting the project outcome.

For more information about our Sales Management service please contact us.

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